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Clean Vision System Ltd – KENYA 

Clean Vision System Ltd. is a company supplying tailored security solutions to homes, businesses and public sector organisations throughout the Kenya. We are operating at the local level and committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions to all of our customers. Our strength lies in our reliability and commitment to customer service.

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Car Shade Installation Services in Kenya

Car Shade Installation Services in Nairobi Kenya Vision System Ltd. -Is a leading supplier and installer of superior quality car park shade structures in Nairobi, Kenya. At Clean Vision System Ltd., We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of a wide array of applications to suit your Car Parking Shade requirements we specialize in the […]

Electric Fence

Electric Fence Installation Services in Kenya This is the main componet of each Electric Fences, each fence require a skills to ensure that the energizer machine chosen will be able to handle security requirements. For Instance small homes will require energizer machines without so much stored energy. For big farms and fences with large perimeter length, [...]

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System Supply and Installation Services in Kenya Clean Vision System Ltd understands the problems and challenges caused when a fire disrupts a business. Let us work with you to design a system to help minimise loss and disruption to your business. Our team of experienced fire consultants will help design a fire solution [...]

Biometric Access Control system

Long gone are the days when the only available method of tracking employee attendance were pen and paper sheets. Fingerprint Biometric attendance systems in Kenya are now becoming the weapon of choice for businesses trying to minimize time theft and reduce costs related to lost productivity. While biometrics is not a fool-proof solution, the advantages [...]

Biometric Time & Attendance staff management

Biometric & Time Attendance Unit Biometric staff attendance management systems Kenya Most Companies use Time and Attendance systems to automate their employee attendance and a result they are seeing a significant reduction in labor costs, an increase in productivity as well as valuable insight into employee labor patterns giving them an advantage over their competitors. [...]

Door Intercom System Installers in Kenya

How Do Video Intercom Systems Work? Video intercoms use security cameras to capture footage of visitors at the entryway. This footage is displayed on an interior monitor, letting admins see and speak to guests before letting them in. In door intercom systems with door release, users can press a button to remotely unlock the door for visitors. […]

Automatic Gate Systems

Automatic Gate systems in Nairobi Kenya Cleanvision Systems Ltd we offers suppliers automatic gate equipment and access control systems for driveway gates. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality gate openers for all double swing gate, single swing gate and slide gate application in Kenya. If you’re looking for an automatic gate opener system for [...]

Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Installation Services in Kenya Walk-through and handheld metal detectors are used to increase safety and security. Today these metal detectors are used not only at airports but in office buildings, theaters, and schools.  These multi-zone metal detectors are designed to keep you safe from the threat of metal weapons. The metal detector works [...]


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